We are a Malaysian team of developers and designers  ready to build your ideal system needs to empower your future


At Loranet Technologies, we redefine business through advanced IoT Smart Solutions and Smart City technology. Our bespoke software amplifies efficiency and innovation, propelling enterprises toward excellence. Join us in shaping a digitally empowered future

Elevate your Business with Cutting-Edge IoT Expertise

We offer IoT Smart Solutions to enhance your operations and efficiency through IoT integrations.
We are experts in Software and Hardware development for your needs

The Best SMART City Solutions You Ever Need

Experienced in providing the SMART City initiatives with research and design since 2016, We guarantee to give our utmost quality services to satisfy your needs and empower your organization

Massive Experience in Software Development


In our years of software development experience, we’ve embraced the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution

We’ve engineered solutions that connect
devices, collect data, and enable remote
control, transforming industries and opening up new possibilities for our clients


We’ve honed our web development skills to

Our experience covers building responsive, dynamic, and feature-rich websites that not only captivate users but also integrate seamlessly with various back-end systems, ensuring a flawless user journey


Unravel Our Extraordinary Origins


Experience that Drives Innovation

Experience isn’t just about the years we’ve spent; it’s about the expertise we’ve gained

Our team of software engineers, designers, and developers thrives on the challenges that each project brings

With years of experience under our belts, we’ve fine-tuned our skills to engineer software that’s not just functional but transformative



Shaping Tomorrow’s Tech, Today

At Loranet, our experience in software development have positioned us at the forefront of shaping tomorrow’s technology landscape

From innovative startups to industry giants, our solutions speak volumes of the expertise we bring to the table


We are ready to Serve


You might be surprised by our vast growth for software, hardware and technologies development. We are grateful to have many clients that are a strongly interested with our service and are always committed till today to ensure their strong empowerment through technologies.


Our Values & Our Driven Motivation


Bridging Imagination and Reality

Welcome to the crossroads of dreams and blueprints – LORANET
We’re the architects of imagination, the builders of progress
Explore a universe where ideas are engineered, and the future is constructed one innovation at a time

The Pulse of Possibility

Step inside, where every heartbeat is a moment of discovery
We’re the pulse that propels technology forward, driving the machinery of innovation.
Join us as we engineer solutions that reshape industries and redefine limits


Inspired by Loranet Technologies PLT. Copyrights 2023

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